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Updating Multiple WordPress Installations Programatically

Shell scripts are great (of course – this is only going to work if you are on a Linux server). This script should also preserve plug-ins and themes (assuming that you keep data in the standard directories).


Blog Hackers Got Me

Yes, it appears that my WordPress install was hacked just prior to my upgrade to WordPress 2.5. Just as before, it wasn’t anything major, but I got a whole host of hidden links added to the end of one of my posts. This was easily fixed. However, because this went for a week or so before I caught it, my frontpage dropped off Google like a rock.

I would certainly recommend that everyone upgrade to WordPress 2.5 ASAP – and stay updated. This won’t keep you from all of the hacks and exploits, but it helps tremendously. In the mean time, I am going to write some shell scripts on my Nagios install to search for various pharmaceutical terms on my site – so the next one won’t catch me unaware.

Stupid WordPress Hackers…

Blog Milestone – My 1,000th Spam Comment

I have been blogging now for about seven months. I never would have guessed that I would have gotten to the 1,000th spam comment so fast. I forgot to pinpoint exactly which message was the 1,000th, but I have a hunch it had something to do with Viagra.

Way to go Akismet.

1007 Spam Comments

Update Your Blog Software

Just a quick reminder to all bloggers – keep your blogging software updated (I realize that this is common sense, but sometimes we get too busy and just don’t do it). My blog was minimally hacked last night, so I had to spend this morning putting the pieces back together. For WordPress bloggers, be sure that you are at Version 2.3.1. There are some newer expoits that target the 2.2.x branch (and a more recent one that targets 2.3.0). If you are a BlogCFC user – sit back and enjoy the fact that you don’t have to worry about this one.

And as always – backup, backup, and backup.