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Highlights of the onAir Adobe Bus Tour – Part 3

Quick Reminder: My photos can be viewed here. All of the photos from all the attendees can be viewed here.

Ben Forta’s presentation was great (as always) – although I wish they had given him a bit more time to dive into some more extensive CF / AIR integration examples. He demonstrated the two different application wizards that are in Flex Builder / Eclipse. He then took the AJAX Aplication and Integrated it into an AIR Application. As you may have guessed, this was a breeze with AIR. After the application was created with the wizard, he just created a new AIR project with a single HTML control – and set the location to the AJAX Application. Obviously there are multiple ways to do this – but Ben did a great job showing the simplicity of it all. On a side note, I love to see people’s reactions the first time they use these wizards – most people are absolutely floored.

Many other people shared the stage. All of the presentations had value. Some were better than others, but that is to be expected. Overall, I would rate this conference a 9 out of 10. I can’t wait to see what Max will be like this year.

For some great sample AIR code, I would recommend checking out the code used for the onAir Tour Bus Applications. You can get that here. Some of that code is a bit advanced. I will be posting some beginner tutorials over the next few days. Stay tuned.

Once again, great job Adobe.

Highlights of the onAir Adobe Bus Tour – Part 2

After the introductory sessions, Kevin Hoyt jumped right into some awesome stuff with Script Bridging between Javascript and Actionscript 3. He showed a simple Flex / Actionscript AIR application that was able to access the DOM of an HTML page and manipulate it. I never thought I would be able to call “getElementById” within a Flex application! It was pretty amazing how much of the HTML Control is exposed to work with in AIR.

Daniel Dura came up next to discuss the AIR API items. He started off with a great description of the Windowing API. I learned quite a bit about this. As a matter of fact, I learned so much, that this will become a blog post in and of itself in the weeks ahead. He also covered the File API, Service Monitoring API, Drag / Drop / Clipboard API, and briefly touched on the embedded database API.

Christian Cantrell presented the details of the embedded database – and did an excellent job. I have seen him on video before – he is a very good presented – mainly due to the fact that he certainly knows what he is talking about. He a great comparison between the synchronous and asynchronous methods of database interaction as well as some great information for how the classes interact. This is one of the areas I have not touched in AIR yet, so I am now really looking forward to getting around to that. Also, if this is a topic that interests you, you might want to check out the blog of Christophe Coenraets.

One of the big highlights of the afternoon was a presentation by an attendee, Alan (I apologize for not hearing your last name – comment if you read this). He developed a multi-track audio editor in AIR that works with wav files (yes, I said wav files, not mp3′s). Obviously this was extra cool to me since my degree was in audio production – and I have spent years working with applications such as Pro Tools and Digital Performer. Not only could he read in the wav files, but he could bounce a mix out to a wave file as well. He also had all of the customary bells and whistles (visual representation of the waveforms, time zoom, cut / paste / copy / trim regions, etc…). I am very excited about this application. Now, I am not saying that I will be abandoning Pro Tools, but this is a great proof-of-concept for AIR – and could be integrated into a lot of types of rich applications.

UPDATE: The developer’s name is Alan Queen. If I can find a URL for the application, I will post it here also. However, he stated it was in pre-Alpha – so it might be a bit.

Highlights of the onAir Adobe Bus Tour – Part 1

The Adobe onAir Bus Tour in Atlanta was absolutely amazing today. The setup was near perfect at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. As I mentioned earlier, there were at least two power strips on each row and they had a pretty good wireless network setup for all of us to use (it actually handled all the traffic very well).

The day opened with Mike Downey giving an overview of AIR highlighting both the current feature set as well as some hints as to the future direction of the Adobe Integrated Runtime. He demoed a few applications (many of which you may have seen on the Adobe Labs Site). He also highlighted and explained the AIR Installation Badge (more on this in a different blog posting). Mike also stated that the next version of AIR (Beta 2) will be release at (or around) Adobe Max 2007 – which is only a month away (see you guys there). He also stated that the final release of AIR will coincide with the release of Flex 3, Flex Builder 3, and the next version of Flash Media Server.

Mike Chambers followed with an overview of how AIR apps can be constructed using Flex. One of the things that amazed me about this presentation – was how Mike helped us to realize how much AIR is really doing behind the scenes. One small example of this was how AIR handles the Native OS Icon Support. By simply having a single transparent PNG (128 pixels square) AIR converts that into every resolution and file format needed by the different OS’s. Awesome.

Kevin Hoyt did a great job introducing how to create AIR applications with HTML / Javascript. All of my AIR applications to date were with Flex, so this was a great session. He demoed an absolutely beautiful HTML/JS AIR Application by Jack Slocum. You can see this application and Jack’s blog post about its creation here. It amazed me how developing in HTML/JS for AIR didn’t feel dramatically different than Flex. There are obvious differences, but with the Dreamweaver AIR Extensions on Adobe Labs, it really is smooth and easy.

This all was before lunch, and I considered this the “introduction” part of the conference. A lot of this was review, but I was amazed at how much I learned. In the next post I will cover the more advanced sessions from the conference.

This Blog Shown at the OnAir Bus Tour

I was surprised to look up at the screen and see my blog during the Adobe onAir Bus Tour in Atlanta. Come to find out, Mike Chambers was highlighting the fact that I was the first person to get images up on Flickr of the Atlanta stop of the tour.

Blog Shown at onAir Tour Atlanta

For having this recognition, I got a whole O’Reilly set of books dealing with Flex and AJAX (check out the picture below).

Books I Won at the onAir Tour Atlanta

OnAir Bus Tour Atlanta: Arriving

I just arrived here at the OnAir Bus Tour for Atlanta. I was delighted to find that they had Wi-Fi and power on each row. Sweet. I will try and post about each session as it is going on. I also will Pownce about it ( Here are some photos of the venue. You can keep up with the event via this tag set at Flickr.