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Cairngorm Videos Available as FLV Downloads

Many people have asked that I make the Cairngorm Series downloadable (the video portions). Since I have gotten a handful of requests this week – I determined to go ahead and post the links:

UPDATE: Many people didn’t realize that there are written tutorials and exercise files that go along with each tutorial. You can find those here.

  1. Cairngorm Part 1
  2. Cairngorm Part 2
  3. Cairngorm Part 3
  4. Cairngorm Part 4
  5. Cairngorm Part 5

These videos are in FLV format. You will need an FLV player to view them. Adobe Media Player is the best FLV player, but they have not yet released a version for AIR 1.0. Until they do – you can use the following:

Wimpy Standalone FLV Player

Note: There IS a Part 6 coming soon to the Cairngorm series. I was waiting on another developer to get finished on a specific project, but it doesn’t appear that will happen in the near future – so I won’t hold it up any longer.

Aviary Invites and Screencast

I just completed a series of two articles at where I interviewed Avi Muchnick of the Aviary team. In the first article, I go over my interview, and in the second article, I actually walk you through Phoenix (Aviary’s raster image editor) and Peacock (Aviary’s pattern generator). The other cool thing: I have four invites to Aviary. If you want one – leave a comment on the second article. I will pick some names randomly from this list for those four invites.

It’s Here – AIR 1.0 and Flex 3.0

Adobe has now released AIR 1.0 and Flex 3.0. AIR specifically has been years in the making, and it’s impact will be huge. Many of the companies that haven’t yet jumped onto the AIR bandwagon due to its Beta status are now going to begin development. From what I hear we are also going to have an onslaught of new AIR applications over the next week. What a great time to be an AIR/Flex developer.

I am waiting for the keynote to start here at 360Flex, so if anything else gets announced – I will let you know.

Great Post on Why Flex and ActionScript

I am sitting in Caribou Coffee a bit north of Atlanta getting ready for 360Flex, and I was reading through some blog posts, and I spotted this one on why Blist chose Flash/Flex/ActionScript. Great read for anyone developing in Flex/Flash/AS3 as well as those who don’t.

Why blist Chose Flex and Flash

ActionScript 4 and 5 Wishlist

A bit of discussion has developed from my previous article, Moock on ActionScript 4 about features that people would like to see in future versions of ActionScript. Obviously at the top of the list (mentioned by Dave) we have Threads. Does anyone have other things you want to see in the next versions of ActionScript?

Moock on ActionScript 4

Colin Moock is presenting details of ECMAScript 4 at FITC. He has posted some of his lecture notes regarding changes (that will probably be present in ActionScript 4 as well). These changes include:



Adobe and O’Reilly have teamed up to create one of the premiere sites for RIA news and information, I am honored to be one of the experts at InsideRIA. I am a part of an amazing team with Raymond Camden, Rich Tretola, Andre Charland, Tony MacDonell, Gabor Vida, Jonathan Snook, and Andrew Trice.

I am very excited with what this great lineup of experts will be able to do for the Rich Internet Application community. Let me know what things you want to see covered at this new site. Feel free to leave a comment or use the Contact Form.

AMF Specification, Blaze DS, and AMFPHP 2.0 Beta

Adobe released two specific items today that will have a huge impact on remoting. First, Adobe released the AMF 3.0 specification (PDF). Second, Adobe released BlazeDS which allows for distribution of real-time data through remoting. BlazeDS was previously a part of Livecycle Data Services, but has now been released under the LGPL v3. Along with this, AMFPHP has reached version 2.0 Beta. You can read about what’s new here. I couldn’t find the actual files for AMFPHP 2.0 Beta yet, but I assume they will be out shortly.

Getting Started with Cairngorm – Part 5

In Part 4 you saw the full Service to Worker pattern demonstrated. However, the method discussed in the last tutorial doesn’t fit every situation. In this tutorial you will learn a few “best-practices” for Cairngorm projects as well as an extension to the Service to Worker pattern for more complex cases.


Getting Started with Cairngorm – Part 4

The basic Cairngorm Event Flow that is handled in Part 3 is essential to any Cairngorm application, but most applications interact with a server. The Service to Worker pattern that was discussed in the previous tutorial is essential to this process. To learn the expanded Cairngorm Flow, you will need to learn a few new Cairngorm elements.


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