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User Input – Flash Media Server 3

Mike Downey recently gave a rundown of the new features in Flash Media Server 3. This licensing shift will be huge. Now, Flash Media Server will be affordable and scalable for businesses of almost any size.

How will this licensing shift affect your projects over the next year? Is this licensing change enough to get you or your business to use FMS?

Flash Media Server 3

There were two big announcements this week for the Flash platform. First, the new dot-release of Flash Player 9 (codename MovieStar) was released last night. This means that h.264 is now included in the Flash Player (and hopefully for AIR in the near future). There are also many new changes that you can read about here.

However, there was even bigger news. Adobe announced the versions and pricing for Flash Media Server 3. Here is the new product page.

What does this mean? It means that Flash Video’s presence on the Internet will now mostly eclipse all other formats. Some companies (such as the BBC) stayed away from flash video until recently because of the excessive cost of the multi-server FMS setup. Companies now don’t have to shell out $40,000 up front. Now they can add servers as needed and have it scale much easier. This also opens the door to utilizing Amazon EC2 servers (as Ted Patrick mentioned). Now with h.264 added (with the Flash Player update), what is there to stop Flash Video?