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Observations about Apple, the iPhone, PhoneGap, and the Flash Player

I have several developer friends who aren’t Flash Platform developers. Many of them have been down on Flash/Flex content lately – and a good deal of it has centered around the iPhone. After all – the iPhone doesn’t have Flash because of performance / battery life issues, right? Not exactly. In my opinion, it is something a bit deeper. While this post won’t change the whole Flash / iPhone saga, hopefully it will help educate you on some of the motives that aren’t always publicly shared.

In this while debate, I have made three observations about Apple that have shaped my perspective:


MacWorld Thought – IPhone Tether

Recently, I read an article at Rumormonger that suggested the new Mac laptop (that will probably be revealed at MacWorld today) would have an AT&T EVDO card built in. I agree that this is a possible solution, but I wanted to take it another step. I think that in the near future – the new Mac laptops will be able to seamlessly tether to an IPhone. This could possibly even be done with a Bluetooth alternative (although it probably would be Bluetooth). What do you guys think?