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Keeping Old Links Functional

When a site is completely redesigned in such a way that the URL structure will change, it is important to keep your old links functional. Recently, a large organization (which shall remain nameless) retooled their website. This included changes to several often used URL’s. This organization also had many smaller sites that referenced these URL’s. By utilizing the Redirect directive in Apache – you can easily map the old URL’s to the new locations. If this organization had followed these steps, the developers could have avoided several angry emails.


Installing a Secure Certificate on a Linux Server

Secure certificates have become increasingly cheaper since their inception. Until you have purchased and installed one there is a bit of mystery around the process. This mini-tutorial will specifically deal with installing a Standard SSL Certificate from GoDaddy on a Redhat Enterprise Linux 5 (or CentOS 5) server with Apache 2.2 installed. It should be very easy to modify the content of this tutorial for other certificate authorities or flavors of Linux.


RHEL 4 as a Webserver – Part 1

I have had so many requests for this article, I decided to move it from our internal wiki to the blog. So many people are running RHEL 4 and feel like it is too difficult to get PHP 5 and MySQL 5 on to the machine. This article shows that it is easier than you think – all thanks to the CentOS repositories. A little light command line work, a few downloads, and we are up and running.