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Articles on ORM for the AIR Developer

I recently completed a two-part series entitled ‘Object Relational Mapping for the AIR Developer’ in the Adobe Edge newsletter. This two part series will help any AIR developer get going with FlexORM (which is an open source ORM solution for Adobe AIR). This series also covers many of the basics of ORM in general including complex relationship types, cascading, lazy loading, and more. I hope you find it helpful!

Get a ColdFusion 8 License for Cheap

I am in the process of moving all of my servers to ColdFusion 9 Standard. That being said, I have an old ColdFusion 8 Standard license that I am currently selling on Ebay. I paid full price for this license ($1299) last year, and I can truly say that it was worth every penny. I know that many developers find the price of ColdFusion a roadblock to building client projects on CF, but hopefully this can help a lucky CF developer get rolling with a license for cheap. The starting bid is at $450 (and there is no reserve). You can use ‘Buy it Now’ for $750. I hope this helps someone!