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ORM for AIR Presentation Notes from RIA Unleashed

First, I would be remiss if I didn’t say that Brian Rinaldi put on a great event in Boston! Unfortunately I missed the keynote and morning sessions because I had to do some client work, but everything seemed well organized. I was also greatly impressed with the attendees at my session. They asked some great questions – and gave some good feedback.

Slides, Code Samples, and Resources

This particular session doesn’t have a great deal of slides – but, if they are helpful, I have included them here:

I also presented two sample FlexORM applications. The first example uses a single VO with no complex relationships. The second uses some complex relationships to demonstrate how FlexORM stores data across tables. These two applications were created for a series I did in the Adobe Edge newsletter (which I will link to below). Only the first of these articles has been published yet (as of 11/13/09):

I am actually not releasing the code for the example with the CF9 AIR ORM just yet. I am still working on the primary key generation part of the ‘wrapper’ I referred to. I will let you guys know (here on the blog) when everything is ready. You can speed up the process for voting for the following bug:

2 Responses to “ORM for AIR Presentation Notes from RIA Unleashed”

  1. Is there any documentation for FlexORM? Is this all that’s available?

  2. infernal says:

    I found many orm for air and I do not know which to choose for my project.
    What, according to you, is the best ORM for a Air-Sqlite project ?

    one that offers more features, the easiest to use and more perform