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Colorado Growth Model and the Max Awards

This year one of the projects I worked on at Universal Mind, the Colorado Growth Model is a Max Awards finalist. This application is really ground-breaking in the way that it connects parents directly to their school’s performance data. A parent can very easily use the application and see how their child’s middle school compares against charter schools in Denver, or how the nearest elementary school compares with other elementary schools in the district. The possibilities are almost endless.

I have provided a preview of the application below as well as a link where you can go to vote for this application in the 2009 Adobe Max Awards directly. Vote early – and you can vote as many times as you’d like (this year Adobe has said that there is no limit on voting!).

[UPDATE: Thanks to all who voted. While this application didn't win - it was truly an honor to be among the finalists. I am always amazed at the great applications that the Adobe development community comes up with.]

Video Sample

Colorado Growth Model from David Tucker on Vimeo.

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