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Flash Camp Orlando Was Awesome

I want to thank everyone that came out for Flash Camp Orlando! We had a great time – and a packed house. Greg Wilson gave us a look at the new Flash Builder and Catalyst betas as well as the Tour De Flex dashboard, Jason Madsen gave a great introduction to Flex, Carl Smith and Christian Saylor gave great presentations on UX and the relationship between developer/designer and user, Andrew Powell presented a great overview of BlazeDS, and Maxim Porges gave a great introduction to his upcoming Loom project that brings AOP to AS3.

I want to thank Universal Mind and Adobe for sponsoring this event! I also want to thank Andrew Powell (co-organizer of the event) and the rest of the Universal Mind team that volunteered time and effort to make this event happen.

Presentation and Code Samples

You can get my slides and code samples on the presentations page.

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