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Adobe AIR 1.5 Cookbook Available for Kindle

The Adobe AIR 1.5 Cookbook from O’Reilly is now available for the Kindle. This book is great for anyone from beginning to advanced and covers Flex, Flash, and JavaScript/HTML AIR development:

The hands-on recipes in this cookbook help you solve a variety of tasks and scenarios often encountered when using Adobe AIR to build Rich Internet Applications for the desktop. Thoroughly vetted by Adobe’s AIR development team, Adobe AIR 1.5 Cookbook addresses fundamentals, best practices, and more. If you want to learn the nuances of Adobe AIR to build innovative applications, this is the book you’ve been waiting for.

As you might guess, I am a bit biased – but, I think this book is the best source of AIR recipes available today.

An Honest Open Discussion on Web Standards and HTML 5

If you monitor the web, you likely think that the Flash Player and Silverlight are on life support, and that HTML5 is rapidly changing what is possible on the web. In reality, many people who are commenting on HTML5 don’t fully understand the current landscape. Did you know that HTML5 editor Ian Hickson stated that HTML5 won’t fully be implemented in all browsers until 2022? Did you know that iPhone developers can start fully using HTML5 now? Did you know that all features in HTML5 were originally from web plugins? Did you know that Google uses a web plugin for Google Wave?

We need an open honest discussion about HTML5 and what it means for the web. Unfortunately, you aren’t going to get the truth from fanatics on either side, but instead we all need to examine all of the evidence and come to our own conclusions. I have spent a great deal of time analyzing the facts, and in the process I have made several observations.


Observations about Apple, the iPhone, PhoneGap, and the Flash Player

I have several developer friends who aren’t Flash Platform developers. Many of them have been down on Flash/Flex content lately – and a good deal of it has centered around the iPhone. After all – the iPhone doesn’t have Flash because of performance / battery life issues, right? Not exactly. In my opinion, it is something a bit deeper. While this post won’t change the whole Flash / iPhone saga, hopefully it will help educate you on some of the motives that aren’t always publicly shared.

In this while debate, I have made three observations about Apple that have shaped my perspective:


Join Me at Adobe Max 2009

I can announce now that I am presenting a full-day pre-conference lab at Adobe Max 2009 in Los Angeles. If you build ColdFusion-powered Flex or AIR applications, you will definitely want to attend this session. We will be diving into some aspects of CF8 and also the upcoming version of ColdFusion (codenamed Centaur). Here is the official description:

Building ColdFusion Powered Flex and AIR Applications

ColdFusion 8 proved to be an ideal and powerful back end for Flex and AIR applications, and the next version of ColdFusion promises to go even further, improving integration and simplifying the building of data-centric AIR clients. In this session you’ll get hands-on experience with the planned Flex and AIR support in the next release of ColdFusion.

Hope to see you there!

Flash Camp Orlando Was Awesome

I want to thank everyone that came out for Flash Camp Orlando! We had a great time – and a packed house. Greg Wilson gave us a look at the new Flash Builder and Catalyst betas as well as the Tour De Flex dashboard, Jason Madsen gave a great introduction to Flex, Carl Smith and Christian Saylor gave great presentations on UX and the relationship between developer/designer and user, Andrew Powell presented a great overview of BlazeDS, and Maxim Porges gave a great introduction to his upcoming Loom project that brings AOP to AS3.

I want to thank Universal Mind and Adobe for sponsoring this event! I also want to thank Andrew Powell (co-organizer of the event) and the rest of the Universal Mind team that volunteered time and effort to make this event happen.

Presentation and Code Samples

You can get my slides and code samples on the presentations page.