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New Flex Camp Miami Referral Program

Brian Rinaldi announced the Flex Camp Miami Referral Program. This will allow you to win prizes for referring your friends to the great Flex event (more on that in just a second). For those of you that don’t know, Flex Camp Miami is a one day Flex training event that is only $30. It features speakers like Greg Wilson (Adobe), Andy Powell (Universal Mind), Laura Arguello (AsFusion), Brian Rinaldi (Universal Mind), Maxim Porges (Highwinds), Christian Saylor (Universal Mind), Brian LeGros (Highwinds), members of the team that built Scrapblog, and me. For a complete list of speakers/topics click here. You won’t find any better deal on Flex training than this one!

So, what’s with the referral program? Basically, you can win free books or even a copy of Flex Builder. To be eligible for the copy of Flex Builder, you need to refer at least 5 people to this event. For complete details on the referral program (and the new group rate at the hotel) see Brian Rinaldi’s post on the topic.

See you in Miami.

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  1. Samuel Haley says:

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