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Don’t Miss Flex Camp Miami

Flex Camp Miami Badge

I took some time off from speaking at conferences last year for the birth of our twins, but I will be speaking at several conferences this year. Flex Camp Miami is the first of those conferences. It is happening on March 6th in sunny Miami on the campus of the University of Miami (at the Hurricane 100 Room). Registration for this one day Flex/AIR training event is only $30.

So, who is this Flex Camp for? There will be a mix of introductory and advanced material (with most of it being advanced), so if you are working with Flex or AIR, this will be an event that you don’t want to miss. The current speaker list is impressive and it includes Greg Wilson (Adobe), Brian Rinaldi (Universal Mind), Laura Arguello (AsFusion), Andrew Powell (Universal Mind), Maxim Porges (Highwinds), Brian LeGros (Highwinds), and me. There will be a few more speakers announced in the coming weeks. Current general topics range from frameworks, user experience, data handling, unit testing, Merapi, and also a great keynote from Adobe (see the agenda here).

I will be focusing on working with data in AIR. Here is my session description:

Working With Data in AIR: In this session, we will examine how AIR enables you to work with data including the embedded SQLite database, the Encrypted Local Store, the local file system, and AIR Data Sync with LiveCycle Data Services. We will cover both beginner and advanced topics. In addition to the overall topics, we will touch specifically on ORM options, storing binary data, and utilizing the encrypted database support.

Go ahead and register today, because a full day of Flex/AIR training from some of the best developers in the biz for only $30 is unbeatable (even if you have to fly in – it is still a great deal for a one day conference).

NOTE: Leave a comment if there is anything that you want me to address directly in this talk, or if you have questions that you would like to have answered.

5 Responses to “Don’t Miss Flex Camp Miami”

  1. Srirangan says:

    >> (even if you have to fly in – it is still a great deal for a one day conference).

    Not if I have to fly in from India. :)

    Are they webcasting this event?

    - Sri

  2. David Tucker says:

    I don’t believe that there will be webcasting of this event, but most all of the presenters will be posting their slides and session materials after the event. I will post about this after the event.

  3. Loretta says:

    Great information. Thanks for the post. That was a spectacular article, need more great work like this out there.

  4. Mimi says:

    Well… I missed it by a long shot. But I didn’t even know what FLEX was in January.

  5. Rachal says:

    thanks for your information! I will have a look at it!,Daan