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OT: I am a Father (x2)

Thanksgiving 2008

It has taken me a while to write this post – because I never anticipated the amount of work it would require to care for twins during their first week of life.

Last Monday (11/24) was an amazing day. I woke up with a two-person family (just my wife Shannon and I) and I laid down to sleep (or not) with two new additions: Kaden and Keegan. How much can change in a day. Those of you that know me, realize that I have been very excited about this (I usually couldn’t help talking about it with anyone that would listen). This is truly a very welcome change in my life.

It is always good to have some time where I step back from the computer, stop thinking about Rich Internet Applications, and focus on the amazing blessing that is my family. God has truly blessed us in an amazing way!

The picture on the right shows them sporting their ‘My First Thanksgiving’ outfits.