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AIR 1.5 Cookbook Highlight – Browser API

Blog Series: The AIR 1.5 Cookbook contains many useful recipes. I want to take some time to highlight some of the useful (and cool) recipes that are included in the book.

Once your AIR application is complete, there are still many additional factors that you will have to consider, such as how users will install your application and how the AIR application will integrate with your site. Adobe provides the Browser API to allow browser interaction with your AIR application. Chapter 17 of the AIR 1.5 Cookbook covers the browser API and touches on topics like:

  • Detecting the Installed Version of AIR
  • Launching an Application from the Browser
  • Installing an AIR Application from the Browser
  • Using the Seamless Install Badge

By using these tools, you can create an integrated experience for your AIR application that works with your current site.

You can order your copy of the AIR 1.5 Cookbook from Amazon today (they will be shipping soon). You can also start to look for the book in your local bookstore over the next week.

4 Responses to “AIR 1.5 Cookbook Highlight – Browser API”

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  2. Solarismania says:

    Nice info about this book. Currently i’m studying Adobe AIR.

  3. Design Club7 says:

    Very Valuable information. I don’t have idea to tell few words about Adobe Air.

  4. AToyansk says:

    Very interesting informations about Air! So, there’s a doubt: is it possible to customize the installation panel (the air.swf file), excluding the “Save” button?