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AIR 1.5 Cookbook Highlight – Update Framework

Blog Series: The AIR 1.5 Cookbook contains many useful recipes. I want to take some time to highlight some of the useful (and cool) recipes that are included in the book.

One of the items I listed in my 10 Common Mistakes When Building AIR Applications article was “Not including update capability in an application”. Previously, we had to develop a mini-framework to handle the update process for our AIR applications, but as of AIR 1.5, the Adobe AIR Update Framework is included with the SDK. This makes scripting the update process quite a bit easier.

Chapter 16 of the AIR Cookbook is devoted to the Update Framework. It covers the two different ways that you can integrate with it: using the included UI, and creating a custom UI for the update process. After reading chapter 16, you will have all of the tools that you need to create an update process that fits your application – and remember – never create an AIR application that doesn’t have some type of update mechanism included with it.

You can order your copy of the AIR 1.5 Cookbook from Amazon today (they will be shipping soon). You can also start to look for the book in your local bookstore over the next week.

One Response to “AIR 1.5 Cookbook Highlight – Update Framework”

  1. Adrian Parr says:

    Is the update framework that is included with the AIR 1.5 SDK aimed at Flex developers, or will it work for Flash developers as well?