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AIR 1.5 Cookbook Sample Chapter

As I announced earlier, the AIR 1.5 Cookbook has been released today at Max (and will be available in bookstores soon). However, you can get a sample chapter from the book for free at the Adobe AIR Developer Center.

Adobe AIR Developer Center: AIR 1.5 Cookbook excerpt: Applications and native window menus

2 Responses to “AIR 1.5 Cookbook Sample Chapter”

  1. Flug says:

    The 4 authors and David Tucker are inviting the reader to use the presented codes in their own projects. Thi biggest part of the book is about the users input with the mouse or keyboard and access to the file or the clipboard.
    The introductory part is the AIR fundamentals and the settings of the application, whereas it is in the final chapters about the provision of the programs.

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