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Learn About URLKit for Flex

I just published a full-length article over at InsideRIA that should help anyone that is interested in using deep-linking within a Flex application through the URLKit project. The article gives several examples (from simple to more complex), so even a person with no deep-linking experience should hopefully find it an easy read.

InsideRIA: Advanced Flex Deep Linking with URLKit

Weekly RIA RoundUp Podcast – Featured on iTunes

I have been writing the Weekly RIA RoundUp for InsideRIA for a few months now, and we recently made it into a podcast. This podcast gives you a short (around five minutes) overview of all of the RIA news of the previous week. It covers Flex, Silverlight, Ajax, Flash, AIR, Curl, and OpenLaszlo (and any other platform news that is relevant to RIA developers).

Weekly RIA RoundUp at InsideRIA

Weekly RIA RoundUp at iTunes

In addition, there will be new features added to the Weekly RIA RoundUp in the weeks ahead. For example, in the next few weeks, viewers will be able to submit news to be covered in the RoundUp. We are always looking for ways to ensure we cover the news that is important to you.

Featured on iTunes

Today, the podcast was featured on the frontpage of the Tech News section of iTunes:

Write an AIR Cookbook Entry – Maybe Win Prizes

We are still a few weeks away from the end of the AIR Cookbook Cook-Off. That means you still have a few weeks to get you entry submitted for a chance to win a ticket to Adobe Max or a big book collection. This is a huge opportunity, as I have checked through the entries, and the race is still wide open. So, take a bit and write a great entry – you will be helping the community and possibly winning some great prizes at the same time!

Online AIR Cookbook (Where you submit your entry)
Contest Rules