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AIR Tip 13 – Number of Lines in a Text File

I had a situation today where another developer needed to know how to determine how many lines were in a text file with AIR. Especially for developers that are not used to working with binary data – this could prove difficult. Making a solution that worked consistently across multiple platforms would be even more challenging as some OS’s use different ‘end line’ characters. However, this is another area where AIR helps you out.


AIR Moving Beyond the Desktop with Merapi

AIR has provided the ability to move outside the browser, but the new Merapi project enables AIR to move outside of the desktop. In short, Merapi enables AIR to interact with Java. Here is some info from the Merapi site:

With a light weight and straightforward API, developers can leverage the OS by writing Java companion applications for their AIR™ applications. Java programs treat Merapi as a bridge to the running Adobe AIR™ application and vice-versa.

Developers can build their Flex, Flash and AJAX applications for Adobe AIR™, and use Merapi to make them do things that AIR just can’t do by itself.

What Can This Do?

So what can this accomplish? An example is probably far more compelling than a paragraph. Let me introduce the AIR controlled robot:

Working With Merapi

If you are curious how Merapi works, you can check out this video to see some sample Merapi code in action:

New Article: 10 Common Mistakes When Building AIR Applications

My newest article was just published at the Adobe AIR Developer Center. Basically, I took my experience with AIR applications, and I found areas where I consistently feel developers were making mistakes. By reading this article, hopefully you can avoid some of the common pitfalls in AIR development.

Adobe AIR Developer Center: 10 Common Mistakes When Building AIR Applications

Joining Universal Mind

Universal Mind Logo

I have been working on a great project with Universal Mind since I left Georgia Tech in May. During this time I have grown to respect the wealth of knowledge of experience that makes up the team at UM. Because of this, when I received an offer to join Universal Mind as a full-time employee, I gladly (and graciously) accepted it. I look forward to continuing to grow professionally while learning from some of the best Flex developers today.

You can still catch me at, InsideRIA, and Adobe’s RIA Buzz Newsletter. However, I will now be unavailable for any outside projects. If you would be interested in having me work on a project, you can always contact Universal Mind – and you can have some of the best developers work on your project.

Keep up with RIA Technologies

For the last four weeks I have been writing a Round-Up of all of the weekly RIA news over at InsideRIA. My goal is to write an article that can be easily read and examined in a short amount of time, so that the readers can stay on top of RIA news. I cover Flex, AIR, Silverlight, JavaFX, and several other technologies. And as always – leave a comment if there are other items that you would like to see covered.

InsideRIA: RIA Round-Up

Corporate Invasion of the Social Web

I recently had some problems with my Internet connection. Actually, I have a LOT of problems. So, one morning after discovering my connection was absent, I ran to the local coffee shop to get some work done. After arriving, I expressed my frustration on Twitter:

Twitter Message

To my surprise, only minutes later I get a response…from Comcast:

This was weird, but in all honesty they helped me out. They were able to schedule someone to come again and look at the problem. I know Comcast has a bad reputation, and this doesn’t eliminate it for me. However, it looks like they are making a step in the right direction.

This does bring up another interesting point: The Social Web Being Used as a Platform for the Enterprise. Steven Webster blogged about a Credit Union that is using Facebook as an optional Platform for it’s online banking application. I think the corporate invasion of the social web is only beginning.