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Announcing ‘AIR for Flash Developers’ at

AIR for Flash Developers

I am really excited to announce that my series, AIR for Flash Developers was released yesterday. The series is now available via the Online Training Library, and it will soon be available on DVD.

In this series, you will get to build an entire web browser without ever leaving Flash CS3. In addition, you will build a photo viewer, an online / offline contact manager, and get to work extensively with the AIR API.

Who This Course Is For

This course is primarily for developers and designers that are familiar with Flash CS3 and already have a good understanding of ActionScript 3. If you can load in an XML file at runtime, work with nested movie clips, and work with components – you should be fine.

Who This Course is Not For

If you are a designer / developer who doesn’t feel comfortable with ActionScript 3, I would recommend checking out some of the other series before venturing into this one. Here are a few quality series that can help you get prepared:

Start on the Series Today

I have always been a fan of – especially since they went to a subscription model. You can gain access to thousands of hours of training on AIR, Flash, Flex, Fireworks, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, ColdFusion, and most any other piece of software for a flat rate each month. It is certainly something that can help you in your professional development.

Online Training Library: AIR for Flash Developers

8 Responses to “Announcing ‘AIR for Flash Developers’ at”

  1. Peter Witham says:

    Congratulations, I will be viewing this title for sure. I’m a huge fan of the training library, and in particular the Flash, Flex and ActionScript series.

  2. David Tucker says:

    @Peter – Great. I hope that you find my series useful!

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  4. Pieter Ratering says:

    Hello David,

    Wow man, I really learned a lot from your Lynda-course. But I am a normal monthly subscriber and don’t have access to the example files. I can follow a lot of what you are teaching. The only problem I had was with chapter 12. I can create an own sample mysql database and add some data manually. But I was very curious about the php files which provide the xml for the air application. The application you open already contains all the code to fill the List component with the xml that is provided by the php-code. I am very interested in how I can accomplish this. Can you recommend a lynda course for it? Or another web tutorial? Or a book?
    That would be great,

    Thanx and hope to see many more from you at,

    Pieter Ratering
    The Netherlands

  5. David Tucker says:

    @Pieter – There a few options for this. If you also have Flex Builder, you can use the ‘Create Application from Database’ function. This will generate the needed PHP code.

    This was what was used to create the code in the tutorial. If you don’t have Flex Builder, you can download a trial version here:

  6. Hi David,

    Thanks for the heads-up on the spam links. Not sure what you mean about them being in a hidden div–how do I find and remove them?

  7. Igori says:

    Ну а что еще писать шоб не потерли? :)

  8. [...] Tucker announced today on his blog that his new series, AIR for Flash Developers is now available on’s [...]