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Great Cairngorm Slides from 360Flex Europe

Børre Wessel has posted his slides on his talk ‘Cairngorm Deep Dive’ from 360Flex Europe. Børre is a Senior Consultant at Adobe Consulting and I found these slides to be pretty useful.

Presentation Slides (PDF)

One Response to “Great Cairngorm Slides from 360Flex Europe”

  1. Sathya Moorthi K says:

    I have to do my mini project. My guide advices me to do in cairngorm framework. And i have the required soft-wares (Flex Builder 3, Flex Builder 3 Plugin, Eclipse 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6 , Cairngorm plugin (bin files) and Zend studio for eclipse etc..). But i do not know how to merge merge all these things.
    I noticed the steps in the link “”. But i can not move on the 5th step and can not merge the required softwares to create the cairngorm framework project.
    So Need steps to merge all these things (installation steps) to do my cairngorm project in “Caingorm framework” (Cairngorm plugin with flex in eclipse)..