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AIR Cookbook – Get Involved!

I am so excited about the upcoming AIR Cookbook. We went and got a great group of authors for this project: Marco Casario, Rich Tretola, and Koen De Weggheleire as well as myself.

The great news: Just as with the Flex 3 Cookbook, the community is going to play a large role in this book.

The Online AIR Cookbook

The Online AIR Cookbook will be your gateway to getting your entry into the book:

Share your knowledge. We’re looking for new and original solutions and work-arounds to common coding problems related to building Flex, Flash, or HTML/Ajax-based apps on Adobe AIR. If you have a solution related to the following or any other topic related to building on AIR: Bridging content from different security sandboxes Using transactions with queries Including a database in an AIR application Consuming eBay Web Services Reading and writing data from a file Making creative use of the Service Monitor Framework …be sure to post it to the AIR cookbook for a chance to have your solution appear in the upcoming Adobe AIR Cookbook to be published by O’Reilly. All posts will receive equal consideration.

CLICK HERE to get all of the information on the online AIR Cookbook and its connection to the book.

Needed Entries

One of the best ways to get your information included in the AIR Cookbook, is to look at the list of entries that we are seeking. I am keeping an updates list of those items here on my site: view the list. Find a topic that you are interested in – and then go to the online AIR Cookbook and submit your entry (be sure to opt-in to the O’Reilly program to be considered for the book).

Pre-Order the Book

If you really, really, want to get your copy ordered early – Amazon already has the book listed (but remember – the book will be out late this year).

AIR Cookbook

Great Cairngorm Slides from 360Flex Europe

Børre Wessel has posted his slides on his talk ‘Cairngorm Deep Dive’ from 360Flex Europe. Børre is a Senior Consultant at Adobe Consulting and I found these slides to be pretty useful.

Presentation Slides (PDF)

The Adobe AIR Cookbook

Hopefully all of you have gone and purchased your copy of the great Flex 3 Cookbook from O’Reilly already. Just as this book braved new waters with the online / offline versions and the community contributions, the O’Reilly AIR Cookbook will do the same. We have assembled a great group of developers for this project (more on that in a future post) and I am excited to lead such a talented team of authors.

Currently we are looking for technical editors. If you are interested, you can read a bit more at my InsideRIA post on the topic.

UPDATE: Thanks to all who submitted their name for consideration. We have received quite a large response. If additional information is needed from you, you will be contacted directly.