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Busy Weeks and Google Reader

I had a very busy week last week while I was on-site with a client. When this happens – one thing really suffers – my blog reading. When I returned home, I had nearly 1500 entries waiting to be read. This is one of the disadvantages of Google Reader now displaying the full number of unread items (previously it would only say 100+). So, now I have to sit at Google Reader totally disheartened at the massive task before me.

So, this leads to long days of pouring through these unread entries (it certainly didn’t help that the Flash Player 10 Beta was released last week – 50% of the posts were related to that). You can see the effect display in my Google Reader’s Trends page below.

6 Responses to “Busy Weeks and Google Reader”

  1. Rey Bango says:

    yeah, that’s when I mark everything as “Read” and start from scratch.

  2. I use a crackberry to read my GReads while the plane is on the tarmac. :)


  3. David Tucker says:

    @DK – Yeah – I probably am going to get a Blackberry next – the net on my smartphone is not enjoyable.

    @Rey – I almost clicked the ‘Mark All as Read’ Button…Almost.

  4. Brian Tucker says:

    I’m not sure what “cathcing” up is, but glad it’s workin’ for ya! ;>

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