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Mobile Printer Recommendations

I don’t travel all the time. However, there are times when I am the lone developer on a project and I have to setup shop in a hotel room for a week or so. I also have a nasty little secret – when I go on trips like this, I go to WalMart / Target and pick up one of those $29.99 Lexmark printers, so that I have something I can use. It generally is cheaper than having the hotel print everything out.

However, I don’t like having all of the waste. I generally leave it with the hotel in hopes that they will let some other business traveler use it if he needs a printer – but, who know if that is what actually happens.

I am curious if any of you mobile workers have a mobile printer that works well for you? I have looked at several models – and they all seem a bit pricey. However, if I knew that a certain model would last, I might not mind as much. Just curious what everyone’s thoughts were.

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