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Big Changes: Leaving Georgia Tech

I have spent almost two year’s at Georgia Tech’s Savannah campus, and I have gained a lot of experience in my time there. I turned in my resignation today, because I am becoming a full-time Flex and AIR Consultant. I already have some great projects lined up in the next months, and I am truly looking forward to diving into some serious Flex and AIR projects.

I am currently booked up for the next months, but please feel free to contact me at david [at] davidtucker [dot] net if you would like me to work on a project in the future.

7 Responses to “Big Changes: Leaving Georgia Tech”

  1. Viv says:

    Are you still going to maintain that blog?

  2. Sean Moore says:

    Hey David,

    Congrats on the full time freelance status, that’s awesome. I recently started doing some contract based consulting for Universal Mind. So far it’s been pretty straight. Hit me up if you would like any contact info for anyone at UM. (if you don’t already know some of the peeps over there.)

    Anyway, really cool to see you making moves. I still tell everone about your Cairngorm series :)

    Kind regards,


  3. David Tucker says:

    @Sean – Thanks man. I will be doing some work with UM here pretty soon.

    As for the Cairngorm series, I am probably going to have to move the videos to Vimeo or something – It amazes me – I get a TON of viewers every day. Thanks for spreading the word.

  4. Jose Duran says:

    Congratulations! it appear as you will be very busy in the next couple months!

  5. David Tucker says:

    @Viv – If you are referring to the GT-Savannah bulletin board that I did in Farcry, then no, I won’t be maintaining that blog anymore.

    However, I will continue blogging here and at

  6. Josh says:


    Congratz on the move, I am sure that was a tough decision but as a reader of your blog I am sure you will do just fine. ;)

    Keep up the good work.

  7. David Tucker says:

    @Josh – Thanks for the comment. In many ways it was a tough decision, but I am really excited about what is coming in the future!