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No More Commute: Working from Home

Tomorrow starts a new phase for me. I finished up at Georgia Tech last Friday, and now I will be working from home. Like any other developer, I have done a great deal of work at home – but that is drastically different from working from home. Any tips from the home working crowd?

RIA Buzz – New RIA Newsletter from Adobe Developer Connection

The Adobe Developer Connection is creating a newsletter, similar to the EDGE newsletter, but specifically focused on RIA’s and RIA technologies. This new newsletter is called the RIA Buzz. The first issue has not yet been released, but they are accepting sign-ups right now.

Sign Up for the Newsletter

DISCLAIMER: I write a column in this newsletter – but I would certainly be supporting it even if I didn’t. It is great how Adobe is now putting out a newsletter specifically for the RIA community.

Busy Weeks and Google Reader

I had a very busy week last week while I was on-site with a client. When this happens – one thing really suffers – my blog reading. When I returned home, I had nearly 1500 entries waiting to be read. This is one of the disadvantages of Google Reader now displaying the full number of unread items (previously it would only say 100+). So, now I have to sit at Google Reader totally disheartened at the massive task before me.

So, this leads to long days of pouring through these unread entries (it certainly didn’t help that the Flash Player 10 Beta was released last week – 50% of the posts were related to that). You can see the effect display in my Google Reader’s Trends page below.

SlideRocket Interview and Invites

I just posted my write-up of the interview I had with Mitch Grasso, CEO of SlideRocket, on This article also includes some invites if you hurry and check it out.

An Interview with SlideRocket

Mobile Printer Recommendations

I don’t travel all the time. However, there are times when I am the lone developer on a project and I have to setup shop in a hotel room for a week or so. I also have a nasty little secret – when I go on trips like this, I go to WalMart / Target and pick up one of those $29.99 Lexmark printers, so that I have something I can use. It generally is cheaper than having the hotel print everything out.

However, I don’t like having all of the waste. I generally leave it with the hotel in hopes that they will let some other business traveler use it if he needs a printer – but, who know if that is what actually happens.

I am curious if any of you mobile workers have a mobile printer that works well for you? I have looked at several models – and they all seem a bit pricey. However, if I knew that a certain model would last, I might not mind as much. Just curious what everyone’s thoughts were.

Greg Wilson Talks about Fedex Desktop

Greg Wilson of Adobe just blogged about the new Fedex Desktop application. He makes some great points and highlights some of the uses of AIR within the application. Check it out below:

Here Comes the Real AIR Apps – Greg Wilson

Big Changes: Leaving Georgia Tech

I have spent almost two year’s at Georgia Tech’s Savannah campus, and I have gained a lot of experience in my time there. I turned in my resignation today, because I am becoming a full-time Flex and AIR Consultant. I already have some great projects lined up in the next months, and I am truly looking forward to diving into some serious Flex and AIR projects.

I am currently booked up for the next months, but please feel free to contact me at david [at] davidtucker [dot] net if you would like me to work on a project in the future.

Custom Chrome Performance in AIR 1.0.1

I had an AIR application that I was developing for a client around the time AIR 1.0 was released. This was a custom chrome application. When I profiled and tested the application I was less than impressed with the processor utilization. Actually, I was less than impressed with the processor utilization of any of the application I build that had system chrome set to NONE and had transparency. So, image my surprise when I did some more profiling and testing on this application (now that I am running AIR 1.0.1) to see that this issue was mostly gone.

I tried to find the actual release notes for AIR 1.0.1 to see if this was one of the issues that was addressed, but I couldn’t find any specifics (the release notes didn’t give any specifics). In all honesty, this improvement could be due to an external factor, but it appears to me that is was a fix that actually came with 1.0.1. Custom chrome applications (while not always a great decision) are now a more viable solution since this resource utilization issue has apparently been remedied.

Great Walkthrough of the Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3

Adobe Evangelist Serge Jespers has a great overview of the Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3 on his site. He walks the user through the process of creating a Flex component from the FLVPlayback component in Flash CS3. I agree with Serge that the component kit has a lot of power – and many developers are under-utilizing it. I just used it on an application I just finished last week (more on that later).

The Flash and Flex Marriage

Updating Multiple WordPress Installations Programatically

Shell scripts are great (of course – this is only going to work if you are on a Linux server). This script should also preserve plug-ins and themes (assuming that you keep data in the standard directories).


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