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ActionScript 4 and 5 Wishlist

A bit of discussion has developed from my previous article, Moock on ActionScript 4 about features that people would like to see in future versions of ActionScript. Obviously at the top of the list (mentioned by Dave) we have Threads. Does anyone have other things you want to see in the next versions of ActionScript?

24 Responses to “ActionScript 4 and 5 Wishlist”

  1. Dave says:

    I don’t want to be the only contributor to this list, but non-public class constructors would be nice as well.

  2. David Tucker says:

    I agree. As much as I know some people will disagree: I would also like to see abstract classes.

  3. David Tucker says:

    @Claus – It appears that if that part of ECMAScript 4 makes it way into ActionScript 4 – you will get your wish.

  4. barry.b says:

    have a look at generics in C# and how C# handle nulls now in primitive datatypes.

  5. One of the things I miss the most from C++ is method and constructor overloading.

  6. David Tucker says:

    @Nick – It appears that if elements of ECMAScript 4 get adopted for ActionScript 4 we will have method overloading.

  7. Luke says:

    private constructors
    operator overloading
    typed arrays
    proper XPath support!

  8. Alan Queen says:

    Built in support for manipulating audio at the byte/sample level ;)

  9. ryan says:

    yeah i second that elango, the sound api needs some work… looks like we gonna get a byte datatype though… (could be a start?)

  10. cimmicola says:

    well,let me think, besides some others’ requirements, plus some more :
    1.eval function return. it’s still very usefull.
    2.static statement block.
    3.size much more smaller.
    4.performance improve, not only the graphic, also get data from server side.
    5.destruction funtion.

  11. hackee says:

    nullable types for primitive datatypes, for representing null value in database, like int? construct in C#.

  12. zszen says:

    require 3d engine. as3 3d custom-engine is so slow.

  13. zszen says:

    1.Faster [than as3]
    2.Support real-3d-engine

  14. Filipe says:

    I agree on threading. =)

    C#-like events would be awesome (built-in Event type), so we could define them in interfaces.

    A better control on the garbage collector.

  15. Xegnma says:

    1. Private Constructors
    2. Threading
    3. Operator Overloading
    4. Generics

  16. bxl994 says:


  17. bxl994 says:

    I am a Chinese! ^_^

  18. Liang says:

    1. Multithreading for real-time high-volume system

    2. read serial port for Kiosk app

    3. printJob class can print without show the print dialogue box

  19. Michael says:

    2.Running faster than as3
    3.Improve in gc
    4.destruction funtion
    and provide some API for create P2P connection

  20. jackie says:

    Please add abstract class and private constructor……..
    and Multithreading

  21. Florian says:

    bloc-local variables.