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MacWorld Thought – IPhone Tether

Recently, I read an article at Rumormonger that suggested the new Mac laptop (that will probably be revealed at MacWorld today) would have an AT&T EVDO card built in. I agree that this is a possible solution, but I wanted to take it another step. I think that in the near future – the new Mac laptops will be able to seamlessly tether to an IPhone. This could possibly even be done with a Bluetooth alternative (although it probably would be Bluetooth). What do you guys think?

3 Responses to “MacWorld Thought – IPhone Tether”

  1. kevin t says:

    hmmm… that would certainly make me want one more! but that may not be allowed by their deal with at&t. the unlimited data plan on the iphone could realllly be taken advantage of in a tethering situation. and since at&t also sells other kinds of internet services, that kind of thing could eat into their other markets.

  2. David Tucker says:

    I totally agree with that. I am sure AT&T would have to figure out how to capitalize on that – you would probably have to have a “tethering” plan.

  3. Darius Maia says:

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