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360Flex – Cairngorm for Adobe AIR Applications

My session at 360Flex Atlanta is titled, Cairngorm for Adobe AIR Applications. Here is the gist of the session:

Cairngorm is not built for AIR applications, but rather for Flex applications. To take advantage of the AIR API specifics, you will have to modify the way that you work with Cairngorm. I will be going through some “best practices” for working with Cairngorm in your AIR applications, and I will be making a small announcement that hopefully can assist you in your future AIR development.

If you have any special items that you would like me to cover in this class, feel free to leave a comment. I will do my best to work your issue into the discussion (or at least cover it here on the blog).

Getting Pumped about 360Flex Atlanta

360Flex is just around the corner. I am getting really excited about this one. I will be talking about Cairngorm for Adobe AIR Applications. This week I am going to post a full description of my session – including what topics I will be covering (and what I won’t).

John Wilker also states on his blog that we will probably hear the actual launch date for Flex3/AIR in the 360Flex Keynote. Oh yeah!

Anyone Use Helio?

My contract with Verizon ends next month. I am evaluating which carrier to switch to (or to stay with Verizon). I was curious if anyone has used Helio. I was thinking about getting the Helio Ocean. I like it over the iPhone because it has 3G, GPS, and auto-uploading to Flickr. I was probably going to get my wife the new Mysto. Helio’s data plans end up being quite a bit cheaper than AT&T or Verizon ($45/mo – I don’t think so). I could also see the Flickr auto-upload being fun for conferences (like 360Flex Atlanta).

Important Notes on Using the AIR Badge Installation

I just had a few emails from someone who was implementing the install badge on a site. The problem he was having was twofold.


AIR Tip 7 – Using Command Line Arguments

AIR Tip 7: This tutorial will walk you through the process of using command line arguments with your AIR application. This tutorial is current for AIR Beta 3.



Adobe and O’Reilly have teamed up to create one of the premiere sites for RIA news and information, I am honored to be one of the experts at InsideRIA. I am a part of an amazing team with Raymond Camden, Rich Tretola, Andre Charland, Tony MacDonell, Gabor Vida, Jonathan Snook, and Andrew Trice.

I am very excited with what this great lineup of experts will be able to do for the Rich Internet Application community. Let me know what things you want to see covered at this new site. Feel free to leave a comment or use the Contact Form.

Need Help – New Dedicated Server Host

The current company (which shall remain nameless for the moment) that I lease servers from has had a rough month. There have been two times that the service has been down for over 2 hours (each time). This has been a bit rough for me to explain to some of my customers. I feel the need now to switch to a different host for my servers. Here are some of my requirements:

  • Must exist in a virtualized environment
  • Must offer CentOS 4/5 or RedHat Enterprise 4/5
  • Must give full root access

Does anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone used Myriad Network VDS’s? Thanks in advance for your input.

The Way the Rest of the World Views Linux

I ran across this comment on a ZDNet article. This one made me laugh. I do realize though that this must be the way that the rest of the world views Linux. While I still use a Windows machine as my daily development machine, all of my servers that I own or manage are running Linux (Redhat Enterprise / CentOS). The concept of Open-Source (specifically an Open-Source Operating System) is so hard to get outsiders to understand.

Why Linux Will Not Displace Windows – Comment

Recovering From Brief Outage

It appears that many servers are still so tired from all of the attempted live blogging of MacWorld. This morning, my server apparently had had enough. It decided it was going to take about a 3 hour break. It’s back now and all seems to be well. I also have negotiated a new agreement to prevent any future striking by my servers.

Sun Acquires MySQL

Yes, it’s true. Sun has acquired MySQL (read it here). I hope that this means that MySQL will have an even better future, but I must admit that it makes me a bit nervous. Almost all of my database development is done with MySQL, so I hope that it remains as reliable as it currently is.

On a side note, I hope that the GUI tools become even more powerful!

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