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Adobe’s Career Focused Curriculum

Adobe’s new “Career-Focused” curriculum is an amazing step in modernizing technical education in both high schools and universities. I have looked over the curriculum for Web Design, and I don’t believe that any other curriculum that I have reviewed covers current day software and topics as effectively as this curriculum does. Many more schools are offering classes in topics such as “Web Design” and “Rich Internet Applications”, but in the end I feel that most of the instructors are not aware of the current nature of the digital development world. Many programs are geared toward certifications that are either outdated or insignificant. My hope is that this curriculum will begin to permeate these programs and increase the quality of education, and in turn the quality of digital media in the future.

Web Design Curriculum
Design and Print Curriculum
Video Design and Production Curriculum

My initial hope is that if you know an educator that is teaching a digital media course of any type (at any level) let them know about this curriculum. As always, I look forward to hearing your comments.

One Response to “Adobe’s Career Focused Curriculum”

  1. barry.b says:


    when I suggested about Software companies taking a lead in education, I honestly didn’t think it’d start gelling this soon – next year at the earliest.

    so at what stage do the teachers and institutions (delivering in area: multimedia, graphics, design, etc) start to get worried?