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My New Developer Center Article

I recently completed an article for the Adobe AIR Developer Center on Managing AIR Updates with ColdFusion 8. Check it out and let me know what comments you have.

I will be extending the UpdateManager in the weeks ahead. I will be covering all of the details here. It will be the next blog series after I finish with Cairngorm.

One Response to “My New Developer Center Article”

  1. Mark Mazelin says:


    Thanks for the great article! I’m a fresh AIR developer (pun intended) and am working to incorporate it into one of my first apps. Note that I found two bugs, both dealing with an application that is not setup in the database.

    First, you need to change the APPLICATION_NOT_FOUND constant in to be “applicationNotFound” (to match what is in, instead of what you had: “updateNotFound”). Second, you need to add a listener for it in the app init, so adding a line like “um.addEventListener(UpdateManagerFaultEvent.APPLICATION_NOT_FOUND,onUpdateManagerFault);”. Before these changes, the application not found event was never dispatched and obviously never received.