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Max Classes – Day 3

I made some last minute switching on Day 3 classes. I chose not to attend the “Boot Camp for Mobiles and Devices” or “Leveraging Coldfusion in AIR Applications”. I still don’t have any projects with mobiles in the near future, and I feel that I have used Coldfusion every way that it could be used with AIR (including a few ways that probably were not what was intended).

Flex Boot Camp – This was good because I got to speak on Cairngorm (even though it was only 10 minutes – and how can you explain Cairngorm in 10 minutes). There were several other presenters, including several people from the Flex Builder Team. The downside: the wireless did not work on that end of the building, so I couldn’t show some of the material I was planning to show. The boot camps were a good idea.

Designers and Developers CAN Love Each Other – Two guys from EffectiveUI did this presentation. It was great to have a sneak peek into their workflow. The other cool thing was that I was able to take the class with my boss at Georgia Tech who is a designer. I honestly believe that this class will truly help our workflow. The presenters were amazing. They had recorded the actual process on the computer – and then spoke about it as it was playing. I am now going to do all of my demonstration presentations this way. You don’t have to worry about error windows popping up, rambling, or making simple mistakes that just “slow down the presentation”.

Building Applications with Cairngorm and LiveCycle Data Services – This class was good, but I felt the title was a bit misleading. This class should have been titled “The Future of Cairngorm and How Adobe Consulting Utilizes LCDS”. The presenter, Peter Martin, demoed some items from the project that had been highlighted in the main keynote sessions. There also was a great deal of talk about where Cairngorm is going. Some of the ideas were very interesting, and I must admit that there were a few that I did not like at all. I guess we will have to wait and see. I must admit though, my projects (even the big ones) are generally smaller in scope than the ones that Adobe Consulting does. The project was roughly 95,000 lines of code. Your needs change drastically when you have a code base this big.

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