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Flash Player Future

Ted Patrick had an intriguing post on the future of the Flash Player (in relation to the Silverlight release) on his blog.

“At Adobe MAX 2007 in Chicago we are going showing off the next full release of Flash Player code named “Astro”. The features are mind numbing and add capabilities far beyond anything the market today. The future of Adobe Flash Player looks very bright indeed.”

-Ted Patrick

Man, after the h.264 announcement, what else could there be? If you have any predictions, leave a comment.

5 Responses to “Flash Player Future”

  1. I don’t have any ideas… but if they have anything better than h.264 in the works.. I swear I’m gonna pass out from excitement. Just when you think they’ve reached Flash’s limit….. BAM! they hit you with something new and amazing.

  2. Timbob says:

    Hardware acceleration (for 3d graphics and shaders) is pretty much the biggest mountain in the way.

  3. David Tucker says:

    I am sure the a 3D Engine (with hardware acceleration) is definitely on their radar. I know that Adobe has been talking with John Grden quite a bit lately…who knows.

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