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Highlights of the onAir Adobe Bus Tour – Part 1

The Adobe onAir Bus Tour in Atlanta was absolutely amazing today. The setup was near perfect at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. As I mentioned earlier, there were at least two power strips on each row and they had a pretty good wireless network setup for all of us to use (it actually handled all the traffic very well).

The day opened with Mike Downey giving an overview of AIR highlighting both the current feature set as well as some hints as to the future direction of the Adobe Integrated Runtime. He demoed a few applications (many of which you may have seen on the Adobe Labs Site). He also highlighted and explained the AIR Installation Badge (more on this in a different blog posting). Mike also stated that the next version of AIR (Beta 2) will be release at (or around) Adobe Max 2007 – which is only a month away (see you guys there). He also stated that the final release of AIR will coincide with the release of Flex 3, Flex Builder 3, and the next version of Flash Media Server.

Mike Chambers followed with an overview of how AIR apps can be constructed using Flex. One of the things that amazed me about this presentation – was how Mike helped us to realize how much AIR is really doing behind the scenes. One small example of this was how AIR handles the Native OS Icon Support. By simply having a single transparent PNG (128 pixels square) AIR converts that into every resolution and file format needed by the different OS’s. Awesome.

Kevin Hoyt did a great job introducing how to create AIR applications with HTML / Javascript. All of my AIR applications to date were with Flex, so this was a great session. He demoed an absolutely beautiful HTML/JS AIR Application by Jack Slocum. You can see this application and Jack’s blog post about its creation here. It amazed me how developing in HTML/JS for AIR didn’t feel dramatically different than Flex. There are obvious differences, but with the Dreamweaver AIR Extensions on Adobe Labs, it really is smooth and easy.

This all was before lunch, and I considered this the “introduction” part of the conference. A lot of this was review, but I was amazed at how much I learned. In the next post I will cover the more advanced sessions from the conference.

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