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Setting Up Your Flex Development Environment – Intro

I am going to be doing a multi-part tutorial on setting up your development environment for Flex. We will cover both Coldfusion and PHP Development as well as ways to track, control, and deploy your projects. This tutorial is for both people with and without FlexBuilder. Stay tuned.


The project known as “Apollo” has now been officially renamed the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR). Old Apollo applications will not work with this version of the runtime, and you need to uninstall Apollo before installing AIR. Stay tuned for some tutorials on AIR.

Fedora, RHEL, and CentOS

I have had many developers ask me which Linux distro is correct for their development. Many developers are hooked on Fedora – because many of them had it pre-installed on their Dedicated Web Servers or Virtual Private Servers by their hosting provider. I currently have two servers that have various versions of Fedora, so I don’t want to seem like I am knocking it at all. However, I try to steer serious developers away from Fedora to either Red Hat Enterprise Linux (which is not free) or CentOS (which is free).


Flex 3 Beta Now Available

There was a huge flurry of announcements today over the release of Flex 3 on Labs. The Flex 3 SDK is available as well as both version of Flex Builder (Standalone and Eclipse Plugin). In honor of this I will be starting a blog series on “Setting Up Your Flex 3 Development Environment”.