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RHEL 4 as a Webserver – Part 2

Installing Coldfusion MX7 Enterprise on Redhat Enterprise 4 (64-bit) was more difficult than I would have imagined. Adobe has been a bit unclear about whether the 64-Bit of RHEL 4 is actually supported. However, with quite a bit of command line work and some bullying of the Java Virtual Machine – we can get it working properly.


RHEL 4 as a Webserver – Part 1

I have had so many requests for this article, I decided to move it from our internal wiki to the blog. So many people are running RHEL 4 and feel like it is too difficult to get PHP 5 and MySQL 5 on to the machine. This article shows that it is easier than you think – all thanks to the CentOS repositories. A little light command line work, a few downloads, and we are up and running.